Stefanini Health Clinical Intelligence

ICU Automation: rely on the best solution for hospital management, with Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analysis and more!

Now ICU managers can rely on the most advanced Artificial Intelligence and Analytical Intelligence technologies to transform decision-making processes, improve financial administration, reduce costs, and provide better quality of care for patients.

Stefanini Health Clinical Intelligence analyzes data according to statistical models and Predictive Analysis models to predict, for instance, how long a patient will be hospitalized in the ICU or which patient has a higher risk of a worsening in their clinical condition. These are predictions that helps plan and improve the quality of services.

In addition to generating indicators, with percentages of incidence of pathologies, and monitoring the data of each inpatient, the solution can send clinical alerts on the condition of each patient to the doctor in charge. And doctors can also monitor their patients using the application on their phones. It’s makes life easier for the medical staff!


  • Reliable forecasting and planning using predictive analysis and Business Intelligence resources
  • Reduction in hospitalization time and increased agility in care
  • More efficiency and transparency in decision-making processes
  • Mobile app for receiving clinical alerts and patient records
  • Systemic vision of the ICU, with the ability to process, analyze, drill down and compare thousands of data
  • PC, tablet or mobile phone access, in iOS or Android operating systems
  • Powered by advanced technologies: IBM SPSS and Watson Analytics, with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence at the core of the solution

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