Database Management has become a challenge. But with our help, you can easily overcome it.

The volume of data generated and stored by organizations has grown exponentially, making it a real challenge for companies of any size to manage their databases. It’s a problem that cannot be ignored, since information is one of the most important strategic resources for business planning and decision making.

To ensure a successful and reliable Database Management practice, it’s essential to rely on metrics for process control, keep the data up to date to obtain accurate and relevant information, have the technological infrastructure to support all the resources required to manage the database. Therefore, relying on experts can be a competitive strategy.

Count on Stefanini Scala. We have expertise in various platforms and offer complete solutions that meet the unique needs of each business to promote efficient Database Management to support a wide range of purposes, such as CRM, ERP, SCM, Service Desk, Business Intelligence and Big Data.

Some of the main  Database Management processes performed by  Stefanini Scala include creating and structuring databases according to business needs, updating information and removing duplicate or invalid data, standardizing information and monitoring processes.


  • Increased data availability to improve mobility
  • Shorter response time for processes that depend on stored data, and lower operational costs
  • Enhanced information security

Large volumes of data also require greater security. IBM Guardium  is the leading solution for database security and privacy regarding financial information, customer data, accounts, credit cards.

We know how to resolve your database management problems.