Digital Transformation

Stefanini Scala takes your company to the digital age

The term Digital Transformation refers to the process of evolution and transformation of organizations, as well as the profound social and technological changes underway around the world, with real-time information, mobility, social networks, cloud computing and Big Data being some of their manifestations.

Inside the organizations, new skills that enable the development and implementation of digital strategies are required to ensure an alignment between business strategies and IT strategies. The idea is to keep the focus on value creation to take advantage of innovation accelerators to increase profitability and sustainability in the new digital economy.

How can you review the current architecture and update it? The concepts of SAAS, PAAS and IAAS are critical to digital transformation.

  • SaaS  (Software as a Service) – Software running on a remote server, and not installed on the computer. It can be accessed over the Internet.
  • PaaS  (Platform as a Service) – You can develop, build, and test applications at low cost on cloud platforms. One of Stefanini Scala offerings is IBM Bluemix. It enables organizations and developers to easily and quickly create, deploy and manage applications in the cloud. It’s a platform-like open source service (PaaS) that can be easily integrated into your cloud applications and does not require installation or configuration.
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) – An Infrastructure as a service in virtual environments that reduces investments in servers and software. Have a cloud infrastructure with the flexibility and performance you need to bring your idea to life in just a few minutes with IBM SoftLayer.


  • Reinvent companies in the Digital Age;
  • Empower managers to lead or support Digital Transformation processes in their organizations.


  • Open source technology
  • Hybrid integration
  • Accessible data and Analytics for insights

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