Scala’s Solution for Dynamic Pricing Based on Business Rules

Product and service pricing tool that leverage sales through a mechanism that suggests various commercial alternatives, with contribution margin associated to each pricing option.


  • Offer various pricing options in a single transaction, informing the price of a product (applying promotional campaigns), any related services, as well as alternative combinations of properly priced products;
  • Integrate a business process management solution to ensure the required dynamics in the approval levels for the product/service price.


  • Shorter sales cycle;
  • Higher revenue (Up-sell, Cross-sell);
  • Intuitive management panel with sales results by geography and commissions by regions;
  • Increased customer base loyalty;
  • Lower operational/administrative costs;
  • Business area/unit independence to maintain the rules.

Reference Case

  • Brazilian services provider operating in various segments (food stamps, meal cards, public transportation voucher, cultural event tickets etc.).

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