Assessment & Consulting

Let us take care of your IT routine tasks so your executives can tackle strategic tasks

Our Assessment service offers operational, technical and process analyses. With those analyses in hand, our team of experts can recommend the best technologies and solutions to meet your business objectives.

Our team is comprised of experts from various areas with deep technical knowledge in IBM solutions. Each year, we invest more than 7,000 hours in training so that our team is always up to date and prepared to offer our clients cutting edge solutions.

When implementing projects that involved specialized technologies and approaches, it’s not uncommon to deal with problems such as:
  • Need for deep knowledge in a specific technology and/or expertise approach to best practices in projects
  • Need to meet business requirements in a tight deadline
  • Seasonal activities, which do not justify hiring new employees
  • Constant need for highly specialized technological training for employees
  • Lack of specialized professionals
  • Ongoing management of the internal team

It is often not feasible to hire internal staff and invest in training to solve the list of problems above. In addition, peak hours present additional challenges, since the client's team may not be able to deliver these projects within the deadlines the business requires.

Based on our clients' experience with specialized technologies and approaches, Stefanini Scala understands that there are four (4) options for project implementation and support: