Cognitive Computing

Reinvent your business with IBM Watson Cognitive Computing, which understands all forms of data and learns from them.

We’ve become accustomed to entering data into computers so that the machine can process it. But with IBM Watson, this task is a thing of the past.

IBM Watson can understand and capture data from documents, articles, handmade annotations, photos, videos, drawings, audios, PDF files, web pages, social media posts etc. – the so-called unstructured data. It is a cognitive system that can understand data, learn from it and interpret it rationally. The platform relies on human language – the way it presents itself – and artificial intelligence to analyze gigantic amounts of data, make predictive analyses and provide answers.

What IBM Watson can do for your company:

  • Answer questions, whether from market researchers, customers, or customer service agents.
  • Extract important information by analyzing thousands of documents.
  • Reveal insights, patterns, and correlations between unstructured data.
  • Make predictive analyses to identify the probability of future results.

Health, retail, banking, and all those who must provide customer service, among others, are using IBM Watson  to reinvent themselves.

Technology has the potential to transform trade and industry. In the health area, for example, it can help doctors diagnose diseases and find the most efficient drugs and treatments. Merchants can use technology to help buyers find exactly what they’re looking for. A tourist can benefit from a platform capable of mapping the best available destinations and transportation routes, according to variables as unlikely as “a place that is sunny but not too hot”.


In February 2011, IBM Watson gained notoriety by beating two historical winners of the famous American TV show Jeopardy! In the battle of machine vs man, Watson performed best during three episodes of the quiz show by analyzing 200 million pages of books to answer, in seconds, the questions asked by the presenter. And the questions were extremely hard! Watson can understand language, word play, double meaning, irony and separates relevant information from that “winding” that often accompanies human reasoning.

IBM Watson was designed by a team of experts to win the program, but it didn’t take long for dozens of other uses to emerge and the technology be improved. Watson represents a new generation of software, which can find answers in unstructured data more efficiently than current search technology.

With cognitive computing, the future is already here. Find out more.Contact us.