Smart Business

Scala’s Solution for Smarter Business Processes

Today, promoting innovation in business processes and transforming the customer experience with an end-to-end vision are the main challenges tackled by BPM (Business Process Management), combining software capabilities with business expertise.

We have extensive experience in BPM, with over 100 specialists that can provide consulting and service implementation. Only two companies are certified with the  Gold Accreditation for BPM given by IBM – and we are one of them. Count on us to help improve productivity, integrate business and IT, optimize processes, and reduce manual activities.


  • Increase agility in business operations;
  • Reduce risks;
  • Ensure effective communication at all stages of the project.


  • Stronger competitive edge for the organization;
  • No duplicate efforts, manual tasks or information silos;
  • Shorter lead time on processes;
  • Increased regulatory compatibility.

Reference Case

  • Organizations in the financial, governmental, manufacturing, insurance, services and health industries.

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